How to sell an internet domain?

If you want to sell your domain, we offer you several flexible methods of selling, from which you can choose the one that meets your needs.

Your sale offers

Domain sale offers are the postings including domain names and an invitation to make offers. Potential customers can make their offers with amounts they are willing to pay for a domain. You can negotiate with each of them until you reach a price that is satisfactory for both parties to the transaction. When you reach an agreement, your business partner will have 7 days to pay for the domain.

For each domain, you can also specify a so-called "Buy Now" price, allowing buyers to purchase a domain immediately without negotiation. In this case, you can also spread the domain purchase price over installments.

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Auction sale

An auction is a form of sale, in which the actual buyer is the person offering the highest price at the end of the auction. As a seller, you specify the starting price and the duration of the auction. Also in this case, you can also choose the minimum price and the "Buy Now" price, i.e. the price for which you can sell the domain „right away”.

Auctions allow you to quickly sell domains in a predefined time. The accompanying emotions can contribute to an increase in the selling price. A unique form of sale are Last Minute auctions aimed to sell domains whose registration period is about to end and will no longer be available after the end of the auction.

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Direct sale

If you have already found a buyer for your domain, you can use the direct selling mechanism. All you have to do is to indicate the domain name, the price agreed with the buyer and the account identifier on our website and all the rest of the transaction will be carried out automatically.

Thanks to the Escrow mechanism, both parties to the transaction are protected against a dishonest counterparty. The domain is transferred to the buyer only after s/he has paid the agreed amount. After the domain ownership is transferred, the seller receives the sale amount.

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Domain lease

You can also lease out your domain, which is a convenient mechanism for buyers, who do not want to pay the full amount for the domain right away. A lessee may place its website at a leased domain, but may not transfer its ownership to another person. You can give the lessee a preemptive right to buy, allowing him/her to purchase a domain during the lease for a specified price.

A domain lease is also completely safe for lessors. If a lessee does not pay for a domain, you have the option of terminating the lease so that the domain returns to your account.

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Why us?

Did you know that listing a domain on the marketplace increases the chances of selling it even five times? A domain listed on the marketplace becomes immediately visible to dozens of thousands of customers looking for an Internet domain for their website. is the largest Internet domain marketplace in Poland. Our website visited by 15 thousand new people every day. Every 30 minutes, a new offer to buy a domain is placed on our website marketplace, and every 10 minutes a new bid is placed. That is why every month we sell 3500 domains worth more than 500 thousand PLN.

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How much should I sell my domain for?

An Internet domain is a unique good, which is a reason why it is not easy to determine the right selling price. If you own a domain and want to know its approximate value, you can use the Internet domain appraisal service.

After submitting a domain for appraisal, within a few hours, it will be appraised by several domain market experts. With such a wide spectrum of opinions on the value of a domain, you are able to estimate its real value very well. This way you will know for how much it pays to sell your domain!

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