Domains dropcatching

Domains dropcatching

If you are looking for interesting domain names to enrich your portfolio, domain dropcatching is the best way to acquire them. Everyday hundreds of domains are not renewed by their subscribers, expire and are able to be dropcaught.

How does it work?

1. Domain subscriber does not renew the domain for the next year. It happens even for the most valuable domains, often because subscribers forget about it (registering domains with you can avoid such situations taking advantage of domain automatic renewal).

2. Domain stops to function and starts to expire, what lasts for 15 days. Within this period domain subscriber still can renew the domain.

3. During that time the domain appears on our domains available to catch list. You can order domain dropcatching by checking the domain on that list and clicking "Catch" button. Catching order is free, but legally binding - if we catch the domain for you, you will have to pay for it.

4. If the domain subscriber does not renew the domain within 15 days period, domain will be deleted. At that moment we register it in a flash - that's what domain dropcatching is about.

5. If you are the only one who ordered domain dropcatching, you will be asked to pay for it within 5 days. If someone else ordered catching it, domain will be auctioned for 5 days and registered for one who wins the auction.

Why us?

1. The highest dropcatching effectiveness, proved in independent tests.

(in domain investor Daniel Dryzek's tests our service effectiveness has been three and a half times better than our nearest competitor's, and, in total, we've caught three-fourths of all domains ordered to catch)

2. Extremely competitive prices, allowing you to acquire valuable domains at low cost.

(only 45 PLN for domain dropcatching and 1 year maintenance)

3. The best domains reserved for our clients only.

(everyday a dozen or so Premium Domains™ guaranteed to be drocaught after they expire)

How to start?

At our site domain dropcatching is very easy. To start, please click the following button:

Then, using one of the following methods, find domains that interest you:

1. Choose a domain category (e.g. "Travel") and browse through the category list.

2. Enter keyword or its fragment and search for domains containing that keyword within its name.

3. Display all the domains, which started to expire, and find domains that interest you.

After you find interesting domains check them on the list and press "Catch" button. When the domains are deleted we will catch them for you.

How much does it cost?

.pl domain dropcatching - 60 PLN.

Domain registration try, for a domain that nobody else ordered to catch - 25 PLN.

Dropcatching price includes domain 1 year maintenance cost.

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