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What is operation authorization?

Operation authorization is additional protection of sensitive operations on your account through codes transmitted via e-mails, text messages or by an application on your mobile phone. Thanks to the operation authorization, if someone gets your account password and [...]

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How to change the operation authorization method?

To change the authorization method in your account, select Account > Authorization method on the website menu. From the list, select the new authorization method you want to use and press the Check operation details button. If this is the first time you are changing the [...]

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Which operations require authorization?

By default, the following operations require additional authorization in your account: Retrieving a domain AuthInfo code. Pushing a domain to another account. Deleting a domain. The following operations always require additional authorization in your account: Changing [...]

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What authorization methods are available?

You can choose one of the three methods to authorize operations on your account: One-time codes sent by e-mail. This is the default authorization method for doing an operation. One-time codes sent by text messages. To use this method, you need to add a mobile phone [...]

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