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What are negotiations to buy a domain?

In negotiations, the buyer and the seller exchange price offers until an offer is accepted by the other party or until buyer and seller conclude that their price expectations are too different. Negotiations always start when the first purchase offer is made by the buyer. [...]

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Can I withdraw my domain purchase offer?

Yes, until the seller accepts your offer, you can withdraw it or make another offer. To withdraw your offer, point the mouse cursor to the offer row in order to display the operation buttons, then click the Withdraw button.

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Can I decide not to purchase a domain on the marketplace?

No. You are obliged to pay for a domain bought on the marketplace.

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How does buying with the "Buy Now" option work?

Some domains on the marketplace have a fixed "Buy Now" price. This allows you to buy a domain right away, without having to negotiate. To buy a domain using the "Buy Now" option, press the Buy Now button on the domain sale offer. A form that contains the summary of the [...]

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