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What is the purpose of a domain lease?

Domain lease is a mechanism that allows another person to use your domain for a rent paid monthly, without having to purchase a domain. So, it is a mechanism similar to the lease of a real property. The lessee may direct a domain to different DNS servers and build their [...]

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How does domain lease work?

The lease of a domain requires that the conditions of the lease, i.e. the period of the lease and the amount of rent, be determined. You can lease a domain for an indefinite or definite time. The lessor initiates the lease transaction in the user panel, indicating the [...]

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How to lease out a domain to another user?

To lease out a domain to another user, select Sales > Lease transactions on the website menu. In the list of transactions that appears, press the Start new transaction button to display the form used to start a new transaction. You need to complete the form with the [...]

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What does the setting "Possibility to terminate" in a lease transaction mean?

The setting called the "Possibility to terminate" specifies which party, and on what conditions, may terminate the lease transaction during its term. Normally, the lease lasts until the expiry of a specified period (if it was concluded for a specified time), but with [...]

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What does the setting "Pre-emptive right to buy" in a lease transaction mean?

The setting "Pre-emptive right to buy" allows you to grant the lessee the right to buy a domain at a specified price during the lease. If the lessee exercises this right, they will be able to purchase the domain from you for the indicated price. As long as the lease [...]

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When can the lease transaction be terminated?

If you have entered into a direct lease transaction with the lessee (i.e. you have initiated the transaction and the lessee has accepted its conditions), the possibility of terminating the lease transaction depends on what you have arranged with the lessee. To find out [...]

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Can I extend the lessee's rent payment period?

Each lease rent must be settled by the lessee within 7 days. You cannot change this deadline. However, if the lessee does not pay the rent, you can set another payment deadline for them.

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The lessee has not paid the lease rent, what can I do?

If the lessee has not paid for the domain lease rent, it will be best to contact him to ask for a clarification. The lessee could have been late with paying the rent due to unexpected situations. To contact the lessee, press the Message button next to the relevant lease [...]

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