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What is domain appraisal?

Domain appraisal is a service that allows you to estimate the value of your domain. If you are not sure what price to charge for your domain, you can have it appraised, which will give you a better idea of its value. Your domain is appraised by users of our marketplace. [...]

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How do I request a domain appraisal?

To request a domain appraisal, select Sales > Request domain appraisal on the website menu. In the form that appears, enter the domain name and provide additional information about it, which may be helpful in making an appraisal of the domain. Such information is, for [...]

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How does domain appraisal proceed?

Domain appraisal starts when you request it in your user panel. Once requested, it is placed on the list of domains to be appraised by long-standing and experienced users of our marketplace. Users, who have relevant experience in buying or selling domains on our [...]

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Where can I find a list of domains which I’ve requested to be appraised?

In order to display the list of domain appraisals requested by you, select the Sales > Your domain appraisals. This list presents all the domains appraisals that you have requested. You can narrow down the list, for example, by clicking the Finished tab to view only [...]

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When will my domain be appraised?

The appraisal of your domain will end when 15 different appraisal suggestions from our users are collected. It usually takes 1–2 days.

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Who will appraise my domain?

The appraisal of your domain will be carried out by users who have experience in buying or selling domains on our marketplace. In order to make a domain appraisal suggestion, the user must sell at least 5 domains on the marketplace within the last 6 months or have a [...]

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What is the difference between public and private appraisal?

When you request an appraisal of your domain, you can choose how it is proceeded, either as a public or private appraisal. The public appraisal is visible to everyone, which means that each user browsing the list of domains subjected to appraisal will be able to see how [...]

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Can I hide the appraisal so that others don't see the value of my domain?

Yes. By requesting a private appraisal, you guarantee that only you will have access to the results of the appraisal. To request a private appraisal, select the option titled "Private appraisal, visible only to you" in the appraisal request form. Once you’ve requested [...]

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If I choose a public appraisal, how long will it be visible on the website?

The completed public appraisal is placed on a list of finished appraisals available to each user. Appraisals on this list are not removed, so everyone can view them regardless of when the appraisal was ended.

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Where can I find a list of domains that I can appraise?

In order to display the list of domains that are currently available for appraisal, select the Sales > Ongoing domain appraisals on the website menu. To appraise the domain, point the mouse cursor to the domain name to display the buttons that allow you to perform [...]

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What requirements are there for me to appraise domains of other users?

In order to appraise domains on the marketplace, you must either sell at least 5 domains within the last 6 months or have a buyer rating of at least 5.

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Will I be paid for the appraisal of someone else's domain?

Yes. For each domain appraisal, you will receive a bonus of 1 PLN to your account on the website. You can use this bonus to pay for services ordered on the website or withdraw it to your bank account.

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