How to buy a domain on the marketplace?

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How to buy a domain on the marketplace?

To buy a domain, find it on the marketplace and make a price offer. To do this, select Buying -> Browse the marketplace on the website menu.

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On the displayed page you can search for domains by name, browse domains by topic categories or use the advanced search in order to find domains that match your criteria.

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After finding the domain, click its name in the list to view the domain sale offer. If the domain has a specified "Buy Now" price, you can buy it right away by pressing the Buy Now button. Otherwise, you have to make your price offer and start negotiations.

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What are negotiations to buy a domain?

How does buying with the "Buy Now" option work?

Some sellers also allow you to lease or purchase a domain in installments directly from the sales offer. If a seller has not enabled this option, you can contact them and ask them to make the option available.

Can I lease out a domain on the marketplace?

Can I buy a domain in installments on the marketplace?

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