How does domain catching work?

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How does domain catching work?

Domain catching starts when one or more users request catching the domain.

How do I request catching a domain?

Our system checks the status of the domain and the date on which the domain will be released. If the domain is in its expiration period or in another status, it will be placed in the list of domains to be caught. When the domain is released, we will attempt to register the domain using our catching scripts.

When will the domain be caught?

If a domain does not expire at the moment, it will be added to the so-called list of catch-awaiting domains. This is a list of domains that currently are not available for catching, but they will be placed in the catch list of domains as soon as they start to expire.

What are domains awaiting a catch?

If catching a domain is successful, the domain is offered to those who requested catching the domain:

  • If only one person has requested catching the domain, this person immediately acquires the domain at a price specified in the website price list.

  • If more than one person requested catching the domain, an auction is conducted for the people, who requested a domain catch. Auction bidding starts with the domain catch price specified in the website price list. An auction allows automatic placement of one bid from the person who was first to request catching the domain. In such a situation, the domain is purchased by the winner of the auction, i.e. the person who offered the highest amount.

Who does participate in an auction of a caught domain?

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