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What is domain catching?

Domain catching is a service of domain registration, which takes place immediately, as soon as the domain expires and it is again available for registration. Many interesting domains are not renewed by their current holders. Any of such domains becomes available for [...]

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How does domain catching work?

Domain catching starts when one or more users request catching the domain. Our system checks the status of the domain and the date on which the domain will be released. If the domain is in its expiration period or in another status, it will be placed in the list of [...]

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How do I request catching a domain?

To request catching a domain, select Buying > Catch expiring domains on the website menu. A form will be displayed, in which you need to enter the names of the domains, catching of which you want to request, then press the Check operation details in the next step press [...]

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How much does it cost to catch a domain?

The cost of a domain catch is specified in the price list of our website. If you are the only person who requested a domain catch, this is the final amount you have to pay for catching. If more than one person has requested a domain catch, an auction is conducted for [...]

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Are there fees for requesting domain catching?

A request for a domain catch is always free of charge. Your account will be charged only if your domain is successfully caught. If more than one person has requested catching a domain and the domain is put up for an auction, only the auction winner is obliged to pay.

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Can I cancel my request to catch a domain?

Yes. As long as the domain is not caught, you can cancel the catching operation. To do this, go to the list of domains to be caught and find the selected domain, and then click the Delete domain button.

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What domains can I catch?

On our website, you can catch .pl domains (and all functional and regional domain supported by NASK, for example, or To the catch list, you can add domains that are making a direct status catch possible (expiring) and registered domains.

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Where can I find a list of domains that can be caught?

To display a list of domains that can be caught, select Buying > Browse expiring domains on the website menu. On the displayed page you can search for domains by name, browse domains by topic category or use the most popular search criteria, for example, "Expired today", [...]

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I don't have time to browse the entire list of expiring domains. Can I receive a list of the best domains?

You can browse the list of the most interesting domains available for catching by sorting the list by the "Quality" column. Doing so will allow you to browse the most interesting domains on the list. You can also subscribe to a daily newsletter providing you a list of [...]

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Why can't I request catching a domain?

If our system does not allow you to request catching a domain, the reason may be that your account has been blocked due to non-payment of previous transactions. Check if your account rating is not lower than or equal to -10, in which case you will not be able to add [...]

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When will the domain be caught?

When the domain is released by NASK for re-registration, an attempt will be made to caught it. The date of domain catching is shown in the list of domains to be caught, in the "Expires" column.

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Why has the domain not been caught?

If a domain is renewed by the current holder, it will not be possible to catch it. In that situation, a domain ends up in the "Uncaught" tab. Catching a domain can also fail if other catching systems also attempted to catch this domain. The domain-catching scripts are [...]

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Who does participate in an auction of a caught domain?

An auction of a caught domain can be attended by users who have requested catching this domain. The first bid in the auction is placed on behalf of the user who first added the domain to the catch list, then, other auctioneers may place further bids. Persons who have [...]

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How to join the auction of a caught domain?

If you have not requested catching a domain, but you want to participate in the bidding for a domain, you can join the auction after paying the appropriate fee. To do this, press the Join auction button on the auction page. A form with information about the costs of [...]

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Can I decide not to purchase a caught domain?

No. It is your obligation to pay for the domain and you cannot fail to do this.

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Can I catch domains other than .pl?

At the moment, it is not possible to catch domains other than .pl on our website.

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What are domains awaiting a catch?

Domains awaiting a catch are domains that you have added to the catch list, but which do not expire at the moment. We save such domains on a list of awaiting ones, which means that we wait until a domain starts to expire and then we will place it on your list of domains [...]

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Can I disable adding domains to the catch-awaiting list?

Yes, if you don't want the domains to be added to the list of catch-awaiting domains, you can disable this option in the catching settings in your account. To do this, select Buying > Catch settings on the website menu. In the form that appears, select the option titled [...]

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What is domain catching in the Light option?

Many domains are not renewed, then such a domain becomes available for re-registration after the expiry period. The domain interception service allows for automatic registration of such a domain upon its release. You can also order the catching service for domains that [...]

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