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How to buy a domain in an auction?

To buy a domain at an auction, you need to place the highest bid. The user whose bid is the highest at the end of the auction becomes the winner and acquires a domain. To place your bid in an auction, go to the auction page and enter the amount in the "Place Bid" field, [...]

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How does an auction work?

An auction of a domain or of an option starts when the seller lists an auction. Each auction has a starting price at which the bidding starts and the auction end time. An auction may also have a minimum price and a "Buy Now" price. Buyers take part in the auction by [...]

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Who can take part in an auction?

Any verified user of our website whose account is not blocked and whose rating is not lower than zero can take part in a public auction. To participate, you just need to set up an account and transfer the amount of PLN 1 from your bank account to verify your identity. [...]

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Does participation in the auction involves fees?

No additional fees are required to participate in the auction. You are only obliged to pay a fee for the domain you have bought in the auction if your bid is the highest. The exception is auctions of caught domains. Such an auction involves only people who have [...]

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I won the auction, what happens now?

If your bid is the highest at the end of the auction, you become the winner of the auction. This means that you are obliged to purchase the domain at the bided price. When an auction ends, a secure Escrow transaction between you and the domain seller will be initiated. [...]

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Do I have to incur costs other than the auctioned amount when I purchase a domain?

The bidden amount is the final amount you have to pay for the domain. However, if the domain expires soon, you will have to bear the cost of renewing it for another year. This applies in particular to domains bought at "Last Minute" auctions, whose expiration period [...]

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Why was the duration of an auction extended?

If a bid is placed in the last 5 minutes of an auction, the duration of the auction will be extended by another 5 minutes. This prevents making bids in the last seconds of the auction when other participants have no time to react. Thanks to this solution, other [...]

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Why didn't the auction end with a sale even though bids were placed?

If a seller has set a minimum price in an auction, the amount of bidding must reach that price in order for the auction to end with a sale. If the highest bid in an auction does not reach the minimum price, the domain will not be sold.

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What is the minimum price in an auction?

The minimum price is the price below which the seller does not agree to sell a domain. When starting an auction, the seller can set a minimum price, which protects him/her from a too low sale amount. The minimum price is not known to auctioneers. However, if a minimum [...]

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What is the "Buy Now" price in the auction?

The "Buy Now" price sets the amount for which the seller agrees to sell the domain right away, without waiting for the auction to end. As a buyer, you can make use of this option and buy a domain at a specified price immediately. If the auction reaches this price, the [...]

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What is the difference between "Last Minute" auctions and other auctions?

"Last Minute" auctions offer domains that will expire soon or have already started to expire. At such auctions, sellers list domains which they have in their accounts, but which they do not want to renew. Such auctions usually start with attractive prices and are placed [...]

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Why can't I place a bid in an auction?

If our system does not allow you to place a bid in an auction, the reason may be that your account has been blocked due to non-payment of previous transactions. Check if your account rating is not lower than or equal to -10, in which case you will not be able to bid on [...]

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Can I cancel my bid in an auction?

No. Offers placed in an auction are final and cannot be canceled. In some circumstances, you can reduce the amount of your offer.

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Can I reduce my bid in an auction?

If your bid in the auction is currently the highest, you can reduce it, but only to such a level that you are still the user who wins the auction. For example, if another user placed an offer of 100 PLN and you offered 200 PLN, you can reduce your offer to 110 PLN, but [...]

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Can I decide not to own an auctioned domain?

No. If you have won the auction, it is your obligation to pay for the domain and you cannot cancel it.

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I do care about the domain. How do I win an auction?

If you do not want to lose an auction, you need to make sure that your bid is the highest when the auction ends. If another user places a higher bid, you have to outbid the amount offered by them – by placing another bid. If you want to be notified that you have been [...]

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What does it mean to watch an auction?

To watch an auction means to place it on a special list in your user panel, which gathers all the auctions you are interested in. If you are considering bidding in an auction, but do not want to place your bid yet, you can add the auction to the list of watched auctions. [...]

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How to display the list of auctions you watch?

To view the list of auctions you watch, select Purchase > Ongoing auctions on the website menu. You will see the list of all ongoing auctions that you watch. Each domain's current price and auction end time is presented next to a domain. If you are winning an auction, [...]

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How to change the way of notifications about watched auctions?

To change the way or the frequency of notifications about the end times of watched auctions, select Purchase > Auction notifications on the website menu. A form will be displayed, where you can select when and which notifications you want to receive. You can select [...]

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How does scheduling bids in an auction work?

Scheduling bids in an auction allow you to place bids when you do not have access to a computer at the end of an auction. This allows you to take part in more auctions by scheduling your bids in advance. By scheduling bids, you can enter a list of bids to be placed at [...]

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How to schedule bids in an auction?

To schedule your bids in an auction, press the Schedule bids button on the auction page. A form will be displayed, in which you can enter your bids or change the amounts of bids which have been scheduled previously. Enter new amounts of scheduled bids and press the [...]

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Can I cancel a scheduled bid in an auction?

Yes. Until a scheduled bid has not been placed in an auction, you can change or cancel it. To do this, go to the form used to schedule bids in an auction and change or reset the amount of the selected bid.

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Why was my scheduled bid not placed in an auction?

A scheduled bid will not be placed if it’s too low. This will be the case if the bid is lower than the current auction price or lower than the next possible bid. If, for example, the current auction price is PLN 100 and you have scheduled a bid of PLN 99 or PLN 101, [...]

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