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How to upload files to the server via FTP?

To obtain data for access to an FTP server, on the website menu, select Servers > List of hosting accounts. Find a hosting account on the list and point the mouse cursor to a table row to display the buttons that allow you to perform the operations, then press FTP [...]

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Can I upload files to the server with SCP or SFTP?

You can use an encrypted SFTP connection to upload your files to the server. The certificate used by our SFTP servers has been issued for the FTP server address. Therefore, when connecting with SFTP, remember to enter as the computer name (where "X" is the [...]

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Is the SSH access enabled for servers?

Some server packages have the option to use SSH to connect to the server. If you are interested in obtaining SSH access, check the hosting package parameters and make sure that SSH access is available in the chosen hosting package. For security reasons, SSH access is [...]

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