What do particular invoicing methods involve?

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What do particular invoicing methods involve?

When registering an account with us, you can choose one of three types of invoices for purchased services.

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As a VAT payer, you can choose between the following invoice types:

1. Polish VAT invoice. In order to choose this invoicing method, select the "I am a Polish VAT payer" option. Having selected this setting, you will receive an invoice from a Polish company with input VAT for the purchased services. You will be able to deduct this tax through a VAT-7 return.

Will I be able to deduct the VAT on purchases on the website?

2. European VAT invoice. To choose this type of invoices, select the "I have a European VAT number" option. After selecting this setting, you will receive from a European company an invoice for the purchased services, without VAT according to the reverse charge mechanism. This way, when ordering services, you will not have to pay VAT. However, in order to account for that invoice, you need a NIP-UE number, which requires you to submit a VAT-EU declaration.

How to settle an invoice from Cyprus?

If you are not a VAT payer, you have to select the option titled "I am not a VAT payer". In that case, you will receive a Polish invoice with 23% input tax and, according to the Polish tax law, you will not be able to deduct the VAT paid.

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