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What are the promotional codes?

Promotional codes are special codes allowing you to reduce the costs of operations on our website. There are two types of promotional codes. One type changes the prices of specific services (for example, makes the renewal of domains cheaper) and the second type gives a [...]

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How can I receive a promotional code?

There are many ways you can get your promotional code from us. A code can be a prize in a contest organized in social media, a handout in lectures or conferences related to our business, on online forums and in other places. Watch us in the social media to keep up to [...]

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I have received a promotional code. How can I make use of it?

If you have received a promotional code, you can use it in two ways. 1. Enter the code in the "Promotional code" box when requesting an operation (for example, when renewing a domain) and press the Recalculate prices button. The prices in the order being placed will be [...]

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How can I check my usage of the limit of a given promotion code?

To check the limit of operations you can perform with a promotion code, select Finance > List of promotion codes on the website menu. Find the desired code in the list and see the value in the "Available" column.

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Can I transfer a promotional code to another account?

No. If you have used a promotional code in your account, you cannot transfer it to another account.

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What does the message that the promotional code has already expired mean?

Many promotional codes have a specific expiration date. If you use the code after that date, you will receive a message indicating that the code has expired. If you have added a promotional code to your account, you can check the expiration date in the "Expires" column [...]

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What does the message that the promotional code has already been used mean?

Some promotional codes are one-time, which means that they can only be used by one person. Usually, these are codes that you will receive from us personally, for example as a prize in a contest. When such code is used by one person, it cannot be used in another account. [...]

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