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What is the domain option?

A domain option is a service that prioritizes you in registering a domain when the current holder does not pay for it for the next year. After the 30-day period of the domain expiration has ended, the domain is reserved for the person who has the option. If you have the [...]

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What is the difference between an option and catching a domain?

Domain option and domain catching are services that allow you to take over a domain after it expires. However, there are important differences between these services. An option always has priority over catching. A person who has a domain option is granted the [...]

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How to register a domain option?

To register a domain option, select Domains > Register new options on the website menu. A form will be displayed, in which you need to enter the names of the domains for which you want to register options and press the Check option availability button. After clicking [...]

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When will my domain option be executed?

For the domain option to be executed, the current holder of a domain must fail to renew it for another year. You can check the domain's expiration date in the WHOIS database at any time. If the domain expiry date passes and the holder choose not to renew it, the domain [...]

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Why can't I register an option for a selected domain?

Options can be created only for .pl domains hosted in NASK (including functional domains, e.g. and regional domains, e.g. It is not possible to set up options for other domains (for example .eu or .com). Only one person can have a domain option. If a [...]

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How long is the domain option valid?

A domain option is valid for three years. If a domain does not expire during this time, you can renew an option for another three years by paying an option renewal fee based on the website price list.

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I have received a message about option execution, what happens now?

If your option is executed, you will receive two e-mails informing about the option execution, one directly from NASK and the other from At that time, the domain will be reserved for you for 14 days and no one else can register it during this time. If you [...]

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Can I decide not to register a domain after an option is executed?

It is not necessary to pay for domain registration after the option execution. You can decide not to pay for the domain without consequences. In that case, the domain will be released and become available for catching or registration by others. Remember that, if you [...]

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How to transfer an option to my account?

To transfer an option to your account, you first need to obtain the AuthInfo code for this option. The procedure for obtaining the AuthInfo code depends on the option registrar. To obtain the code, please contact the registrar, with whom the option is currently hosted. [...]

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How to push an option to another account on the website?

To push your option to another account, selector Domains > List of your options. Find the domain on the list of options, press the Transfer button, and then select the Push to another account option on the drop-down menu. A form will be displayed, in which you enter the [...]

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