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What is operation authorization?

Operation authorization is additional protection of sensitive operations on your account through codes transmitted via e-mails, text messages or by an application on your mobile phone. Thanks to the operation authorization, if someone gets your account password and [...]

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Why do some operations require authorization?

The requirement to authorize sensitive operations on your account increases security on your account. If an unauthorized person managed to obtain your account password, he or she could log in and take control of your domains. Operation authorization is an additional [...]

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How to change the operation authorization method?

To change the authorization method in your account, select Account > Authorization method on the website menu. From the list, select the new authorization method you want to use and press the Check operation details button. If this is the first time you are changing the [...]

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Which operations require authorization?

By default, the following operations require additional authorization in your account: Retrieving a domain AuthInfo code. Pushing a domain to another account. Deleting a domain. The following operations always require additional authorization in your account: Changing [...]

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Can I make authorization required for other operations?

To change the list of operations that require authorization, select Account > Authorization settings on the website menu. Select operations from the "Operations requiring authorization" list and press the Change settings button. The change must be authorized using the [...]

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Can I make authorization required for some domains?

You can change the method of authorization of the operations for specific domains in your account (for example, from particularly valuable domains that you want to protect from being transferred and sold). For this purpose, there are so-called security schemes for [...]

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Can I authorize the operation later?

The code used to authorize an operation is valid for one hour. If at the moment you don't want to authorize an operation, you can do so later but before the code expires. To do this, select Account > Operations to be authorized on the website menu. Find the selected [...]

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What authorization methods are available?

You can choose one of the three methods to authorize operations on your account: One-time codes sent by e-mail. This is the default authorization method for doing an operation. One-time codes sent by text messages. To use this method, you need to add a mobile phone [...]

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Which one is the best authorization method?

Each authorization method has its advantages and disadvantages. Usually, greater safety of a given method is associated with the less convenient use of it. Therefore, you should choose the one that suits your needs best: Authorization via e-mail is the most convenient [...]

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I haven't received the message with the authorization code, what should I do?

If you haven't received an e-mail or text message with a code to authorize the operation, you can send it again. To do this, select Account > Operations to be authorized on the website menu. Find the selected operation on the list and press the Try again button. The [...]

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The Google Authenticator password is not accepted, what should I do?

If you receive a message from Google Authenticator saying that the password is incorrect, you should, after rewriting the password, check the date and time settings on your mobile phone. Passwords are generated based on the current time, so if the time on your phone is [...]

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How to protect the account against the loss of the phone number used to authorize operations?

If you enable authorization via text messages or Google Authenticator in your account, the loss of your phone will make it impossible for you to perform operations that require authorization. In order to protect yourself from this situation, write down and keep in a [...]

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I have lost the phone used to authorize operations, what should I do?

If you have lost your phone on which you received text messages with authorization codes or on which you installed Google Authenticator, you can reset the authorization method. This will restore the e-mail messaging as an authorization method so that you could then [...]

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My account was blocked after I entered the authorization code incorrectly, what do I do now?

If you mistype the operation authorization code five times, your account will be blocked for one hour. This means that no operation requiring authorization can be performed during that time. This blocking is intended to protect your account against unauthorized access, [...]

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