How to buy a domain?

If you are looking for an appropriate domain name, our domain marketplace offers the best selection of interesting and valuable names.

How to buy a domain?

Buying a domain at is easy. Start by searching for the domain you are interested in on the list of domains available for sale. You can do this by browsing through thematic categories, searching the list for a specific keyword or using other criteria.

After finding the domain, make an offer to the seller, giving the amount for which you want to buy the domain. If the domain has a „Buy Now” price, you can purchase it right away for a specified amount, payable once or divided into installments. If the domain does not have a „Buy Now” price or you have offered an amount lower than the price, the Seller will consider your offer and accept it or make his/her own counter-proposal, starting negotiations.

If the domain found is listed on auction, join the bidding by placing your bid. If your bid is highest at the end of the auction, you will purchase a domain. After the auction, you have 7 days to pay for the domain.

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Why us? is the largest Internet domain marketplace in Poland. We have more than 100,000 domains for sale, many times more than competitive websites, which ensures that you will find a domain that suits your needs. From top domain names worth hundreds of thousands PLN to domain sales for 1 PLN – everyone will find a domain for him-/herself.

Our domains are conveniently categorized by theme or topic, which allows you to quickly browse the offers you are interested in. In addition to the best range of domains, we also offer the most advanced tools for domain buyers. You can buy your ideal Internet domain in a one-off transaction or in installments, negotiate the price with the seller, use the „Buy Now” option, bid in auction or even lease. During the domain lease, you can also exercise your preemptive right to buy, which ensures that nobody else will buy the domain you are leasing.

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Transaction security is the safest domain marketplace in Poland. All transactions carried out on the marketplace are secured with the Escrow mechanism, which protects you at every stage of buying a domain. Thanks to Escrow, the seller receives the funds paid by you only at the end of the transaction, after the ownership of the domain is transferred.

Additionally, thanks to the fact that each sold domain is hosted at while the transaction is being finalized, we guarantee that you will surely receive the purchased domain after paying the funds. This makes our marketplace different from other websites, where you cannot be sure if the seller lists for sale his own domains or transfers out the domain you bought after you pay the funds.

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