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How to register a domain?

To register a domain, simply use the form available on this page. Enter a domain name and you will receive information about its availability with popular extensions (such as .pl, .eu, .com and others) as well as with functional regional extensions (for example and, several dozen domains from other countries and several hundred new domains (for example .blog, .app, .website or .club). Select the domain names you want to register, and press the button to place your order and register the domains.

If your ideal domain name is taken, it is possible that it has been listed for sale. In that case, you will also be able to purchase it in the domain marketplace. However, if the domain is not available, we will propose you similar domains you can purchase or catch.

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Domain security provides the most advanced mechanisms ensuring the security of your domains. We protect your domains in many ways, for example:

  • You can secure access to your account and all operations on domains with two-factor authentication.
  • To authorize operations on domains you can use one-time codes sent in e-mails, SMS messages or generated on your mobile device.
  • Valuable domains can be additionally secured against changing settings, such as redirection or changing DNS servers.
  • Changing domain data prevents it from being pushed or transferred out of the website for a specified period of time.

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Why us?

Other registrars are trying to attract customers by offering them to buy a domain for 1 PLN, but in the following year they will be surprised: the cost of hosting the domain for the following years is hundreds PLN, and it is not possible to transfer a domain to a cheaper registrar. On our website, the domain hosting costs are much lower, and if you already have three or more domains, you can also benefit from the wholesale price list. For people maintaining large numbers of domains, is the cheapest option for convenient domain registration and management.

We also provide an advanced API to automate all operations on domains. If you manage a large portfolio of domains for yourself or your clients, our API will allow you to significantly simplify operations performed.

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