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Our website uses cookie files. Below you can find detailed information on how we use cookies on our website.

Our website uses cookie files. Below you can find detailed information on how we use cookies.

Cookies are text files that are saved on the disk of the User's terminal device, used to recognize the User's device when re-entering the website using cookies.

Cookies are not used to establish the User's identity, but they allow more precise defining of the individual needs of the User who uses the given device and thus offering better services which are more tailored to his/her requirements, as well as facilitating connection with websites of interest to the User.

We use cookies also for the following purposes:

  • statistical - which allows preparation of statistics on the operation of websites and visits of the Users, for internal and contractors' purposes,
  • presentation and personalization of marketing messages displayed on a given terminal device.

The User does not have to allow the installation of cookies on his/her terminal device. To do this, the User must set the web browser to disable cookies so that they are not downloaded and stored on his/her device. Major browser providers offer information about methods of disabling the download and storage of cookies.

Removal of cookies may result in also disabling certain functionality and features of AM websites.

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