Domain appraisals

What is your domain worth? Is the price offered by the domain seller fair? These questions often come to minds of potential domain buyers and sellers. Trading domains is a definitely new phenomenon, and many people remain unsure about how to put a value on a domain.

Appraising domain names is a speculative business, because a domain value is subjective. Therefore, appraising a domain by just one person, however "scientific" their method is, may be risky. That's why on we use a different approach to domain appraisals.

When you submit your domain for appraisal, it is reviewed by 15 active participants of our marketplace. Each one submits their proposition on your domain value, possibly also with comments. We take a median value of their suggestions as a most probable domain valuation.

This method ensures an unbiased and thorough domain valuation, while remaining quick and affordable. Apart from the final valuation, you can view all participants' price suggestions and comments so that you can learn even more about your domain true potential.


Private appraisal: 69 PLN (the valuations will be visible only to you)

Public appraisal: 39 PLN (the valuations will be visible to anyone)

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These domains have been submitted for appraisal. You must have a buyer or seller rating 5 or above to submit domain valuations.

Currently there is no appraisals in progress.

What is a domain appraisal?
Appraisal is the process of determining current market value of a domain name.

How is an appraisal conducted?
Each submitted domain is reviewed by 15 active marketplace users, and a median value is used to determine the most accurate domain valuation. For better accuracy, only users who performed several transactions on the marketplace are allowed to participate.

How much does it cost?
A public domain appraisal (visible to all users) costs 39 PLN. You can also order a private appraisal for 69 PLN.

WHat is the difference between public and private appraisals?
All valuations in a public domain appraisal are visible to anyone. With provate appraisal, only the user who ordered it will see the prices and valuations.

How long does it take to appraise a domain?
An appraisal process takes usually no more than 2 business days.

What domains can be apraised?
You can submit any domain you like - your own or somebody else's. Our users are most knowledgeable with Polish domains, so these domains will be appraised most accurately.

Are submitted appraisals visible to others?
All submitted appraisals are visible to our users so that they can participate in domain valuation. However, we do not share information on who is ordering the appraisal or for what reason. Also, valuations submitted in private appraisals are not visible.

Can I cancel a domain appraisal?
Yes, you can cancel an appraisal any time. All valuations submitted up to that moment will be retained for your review. However, you will not be reimbursed for the remaining part of the appraisal.